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  1. Presentation on my english ebook

    The first e-book you can buy is called 8 € Tasting lessons with organic sommelier


    I’m french sommelier in Oslo since 2 years. I like the Norwegian people. they are a reserved people, proud of their nation and humble. It is a great pleasure to serve them at the restaurant. I have 20 years of experience in many restaurants of France. I wrote 3 books in France. My english e-book  « Tasting Lessons with an Organic Sommelier » rethink about tasting note. 


    Me with natural wine in Mathallen Oslo


    My speciality  :


    • to be different with wine
    • serve organic wine with decanter
    • serve the wines with good temperature : red 15° and 16° /  white 10° and 12 ° 
    • recognize chemical in wine
    • organic wine with natural yeast and low sulfur. 
    • recognize 2 kinds of wine in the world
    • teaching courses about wine



    The book was translated by a professional translator. You are professionals: you will find a different method other tasters, you want to progress : recognize chemical in wine, recognize aromas of noses, get a new method of tasting


    You are wine lover: This method is practical and easy. You find the tasting basics and a table for memory that allows you to work on the middle mouth. 

     Consulting in norway for restaurant

    Consulting in norway for wine lower

    Consulting for winegrower.