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  1. Organic estate or winegrower (certified or not)

    In my website, the estate chosen are:
    > From organic farming (certified or not)
    > From a wine making with natural yeast
    > Digestible with few inputs (without chaptalisation, with a little sulfur or sulfur-free etc ...)

    appreciation :

    Very Spiritual: This estate makes wines very free, often without added sulfur. The taster should be used to this kind of wine. Sometimes they are not "in phase", simply caraf it for 1 hour before drinking or you can use vitajuwel.

    Good discovery to follow: I did not know this estate before, deserves to be followed

    Organic estate recognized: estate  recognized in the world of organic farming. The wines are up to the reputation

    Estate in full growth: I did not like it before it grew better and better.

    Estate with cheap wine : this estate offers wines from 5 to 8 €

    Estate with “glouglou”wine: the glougou wine is easy to drink.It is thirst-quenching, crisp and fruity wine

    Good Classic: wine whose approach is easier for the taster, but it is not my prefered style.

    Very good classic : wine whose approach is easier for the taster. It is my prefered style.

     vignes de Michel Augé


    AB: organic farming, BD: biodynamics, SAS: no added sulfur, NC: non-certified organic AVN Natural wine association

    * Correct wine, certainly a little rustic buccal style but it's not my prefered style.

    ** Very good wine, style of approach is easy even for beginners.

    *** My favorite and very spiritual. Please note that wine can destabilize beginners.