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  1. Château Mirebeau (Pessac Léognan)

    In the spring of 96, the Dubreys from Château d'Ardennes, a Graves wine from Illats, fell in love with the estate which was up for sale, down the road from the heart of Martillac village, near Léognan. Florence and Cyril Dubrey settled on that estate and set their hearts on giving Château Mirebeau the splendour it had known at the turn of the  XXth century.
    First, Cyril Dubrey (an agricultural engineer and enologist) renovated the buildings and invested in the latest technology for the winery and the vineyard. He, then, made every endeavour to become familiar with each and every vinetree in the fields and understand the soil and the sub-soil of each plot until the vinetree, once pruned, de-budded and green-harvested, murmured thank you, so much, Cyril, for your understanding efforts and sensibility towards me.


    Cyril et son père

    The grapes of Château Mirebeau born on 4 ha of land comprising 28 acres of old grave in the basement clay and sand with limestone outcrops and marine fossils. The natural complexity of our soil gives the wines of Château Mirebeau their deep color and silky tannins.
    The average altitude of 38-40 meters vineyard.
    The wine is 100% red varieties of Merlot, 60% Black, 35% Cabernet Franc and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon.
    The average age of the vines is 30-35 ans. Biodynamic farming  has been used since 2005. The vintage of the moon in 2005 and 2008 is no added soufre.
    The “cuvee de la lune “ in 2005 and 2008 is without sulfur
    This estate  offers older vintages

    Château Mirebeau heliotropes 09 Pessac-léognan 100% Sauvignon € 17 *
    This white wine is fat,amplel and long. The retro olfaction is fruity with a discrete minerality.
    This round wine of a rich year is the result of  small-scall production and  maturation exclusively 100% new  barrels. You'll be happy now, but in 5 or 6 years. To accompany white meat or creamy, spicy fish.

    Chateau Ardennes 08 60% 40% Semillon Sauvignon ** € 9
    The nose is floral open. This wine sharp, subtle in his own years is more my style. It is semi rich, long finish with retro-olfaction. I see more for inputs (smoked salmon, shellfish) or grilled fish.

    Mirebeau Pessac-Léognan cuvée de la lune 08
    without the addition of sulfur open 24 hours € 32 ***
    Cherry color, the nose is open with aromas of raspberry brandy, his attack is smooth, the middle is elegant, long finish. The tannins are fine, present but not violent.
    This wine is tasty, racy have a nice range of care and a good balance, returning mineral is long. A drink in the pitcher or you can forget about 10 years. This may disturb some spiritual wine tasters said ... Beautiful classic curiosity.

     Mirebeau Pessac-Léognan 2007 ** € 14.25

    The color is cherry nose is half open flower. This powerful wine is long, and concentrated. Its retro-olfaction is complex with leather, flowers and minerals. The ample wine is more understandable than the last. It can be drunk decanter or keep it.

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    Château Mirebeau NC Very Good Classic gives a different style than Bordeaux by Robert Parker beloved. Elegant, with fine tannins with minerality, you can drink in ten years. White wines are original.


    Château Mirebeau

    05 56 72 61 76
    Fax : 05 56 72 66 75

    Present in  paris for « salons des vignerons indépendants » (November and March)