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  1. The taste and our influences

    Vignes anjou bio
    In 1999, two experiments conducted by a winegrower and
    Morrot  Gil (INRA Montpellier) showed that
    "The taste is deceived by the view." At 54 students winemakers,
    they asked to comment  four wines
    ( blind tasting). The two white wines were identical,
    except that the second was colorful. Result, the
    Second, everyone noted black currant, plum and blackberry.
    Next, students noted more severely  a wine with a table wine  label
    than  a great classified Bordeaux  labeled, while they were
     the same . This exercise style reminds us  that we 
    are influenced by our prejudices.


    Philippe Faure-Brac

    In its book “Initiation à la dégustation”,,Max  Léglise reminds
     that we  must  listen  to ourselves . At a tasting,  he
    explains that a taster can say  anything  and  make  anyone swallow
    anything.  As a summary, tasting ,   
    taste  and  feelings are personal.
    In 1994, a report, three  well known tasters
     among which Philippe Faure-Brac were asked
    to make a blind tasting. The first taster (
    owner of a restaurant)  was completely mistaken  and said burgundy wine.  the
    second taster , Philippe Faure-Brac, described it differently and more
    precisely with warm notes: "I Can not
    say what it is, but for me it is a wine that has seen
    lots of sun, so maybe a Rhône or
    Spanish wine  ". The third was an old and crafty 
    professor at the University of Bordeaux wines. it
    described  the same sensations that the best
    Sommelier of the World 1992; while they were not together.

    Menu of bougainville
    The reporter asked him his opinion
    What is this area?. He replied, "It's very
    warm and generous with notes of cocoa, and
    spices ... I see this wine with a good hare
    Royal ". The journalist insisted, he replied: "Ask
    ... the hare. "It was a red anjou harvested
    ripeness on a very hot vintage, and the old
    taster had  felt the trap.
     organic wines
    In 1995, during my two years at Nantes
     restaurant l’Atlantide, we organized tastings
    between sommeliers every month. When it was
    our turn to invite, I had the bad idea to reveal
    the wine selected for the tasting  some Muscadet. the
    feminine diplomacy intervened and made me understand that if it was
    Muscadet , nobody  would be present.

    sheep in organic vines
    A month later, a Burgundian winemaker
    accompanied us for a tasting of his
    region. 30 sommeliers from the region participed. Between a Pernand
    vergelesses and Meursault, a yellow carafe
    opened  for three hours was on the table
    Nose of butter, fat and citrus with a ample and long mouth
     and a great minerality. Verdict: "chablis
    "said everyone  and there I saw Joseph Landron,winegrower, in the Muscadet, who laughed inside him. He had recognized his wine, Muscadet Hermine
     d’or 1990 ... I  had my revenge ... It was wonderful , but not for long time, a week later,
    an order of hermine d’or for my restaurant  was necessary. My friends sommeliers
    had robbed the stock. I cried all
    tears of my body! Revenge is a really
    dish best served cold.

     organic wine cellar