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  1. Coca-Cola: Enemy of wine

    My opinon is just my opinion......and no the oipinion of my employer.


    Numbers : 
    In 2013, Coca-Cola was the beverage firm, the richest with 38.68 billion dollars in revenue in 2013, the GDP of Madagascar is 20.66 billion dollars. 
    7 1 billion bottles are sold per day worldwide.
    In the investigation prohibited willam Reymond to flammarion editing, author reveals that it was a drink made of wine for a drink counter similar: the marrianni wine. John Pemberton had created the french a coca-based wine and Coca leafs. Because of the prohibition in the year in Philadelphia, he changed his recipe to make it a soft drink .... Are you sure? Really without alcohol? In his report Olivia infrared "coca cola Mokiejewski, secret formula" reveals that the coca cola consists coca leaf and a hint of alcohol.
    extract of this report, a former worker Guillermo Nunos says they assemble water with cola syrup 
    "Syrup is received in large drums and there has a gate and all around it is marked that is dangerous corrosive c. One day I saw her unde s barrels opened. The product completely eat floor paint .... It is the very strong acid. The people cleaning could not touch this stuff with their hands "
    "But normally is just sugar and natural flavorings' resumes journalist 
    "No resumed former employee. I want whatever this but it is not the case.
    vignes de Chinon
    Problems with Coca-Cola
    A can of Coca-Cola (33 cl) contains 35 grams of sugar is equivalent to 7 lumps of sugar! source. According to this site, it causes diabetes, tooth decay and obesity. Phosphoric acid gives the sour taste would lead to kidney failure and I do not speak of aspartame and other expensive additives (read the website of corinne Gouget

    The consumption of wine in France:
    It fell for years, for several reasons
    "vein law » since 1991 banning the publicity of alcohol
    Awareness on the bad side of alcohol
    change consumer education on children. Child, I was made to taste the water with wine on Sunday, now it's coca cola
    Evin law was a witch hunt which are voluntarily or involuntarily rushed Coca cola sodas that. Still voluntarily or involuntarily, alcohol and wine are compared. For me,  wine and another alcohol aren’t similar. the wine is a food. 
    Our heritage is the gastronomy and  wine. When I see more and more adults who accompany the meal  with sodas, my blood runs cold .
    And I even see more Chefs or even wine tasters who drink coca  during meals staff since alcohol is prohibited 
    Our gastronomy and our wine are recognized respectively in World Heritage of UNESCO for the first; and in  cultural heritage for the second ...... but we forget the essential: the education of children in taste.
    Result an alarming decline in the consumption of wine and you have winegrower in Bordeaux with RSA (1): never seen. We can boast of exporting hundreds of 747 full of wine each year, dozens of wineries have many problems. Not everyone is called or champagne, LaTour or Romanée-Conti.
    Claude Evin
    Back to our discussion.
    Does Coca-Cola is the enemy of wine. I made ​​the devil's advocate and offers two answers:
    No Coca-Cola isn’t  the enemy of th wine. It is not Coca-Cola, which prohibits the publicity of wine in France, it is not coca cola which is substituted for wine. It is not Coca Cola, which prohibits wine education in France. It is the consumer who chooses good conscience to buy drink and follow involuntarily evin old law of 1991.
    Yes it is the enemy of wine because it is in direct competition with him. This publicity aired on the radio, "the meal is more fun with coca cola" is proof. 
    Above a former employee spoke on the acid side of coca cola. What effect does it have on our taste buds? On the other hand the very sweet taste it not banish the bitter side of wine? This terroir side which all oenophiles or wine professionals like.
    Super size me
    "Evin  law" had protected our children from alcohol. Go further in protecting obesity by banning the publicity of soda and other candy in the late afternoon and morning.
    Disseminating the beautiful film "superzize-me" Morgan Spurlock for teenagers 
    And  for alcohol: do EducAlcool as in Canada. I remember at Rennes in 2000, courses on wine tasting with of adolescents. The results as presented less alcoholism to students.
    Les loges de la folie 
    The reality is , dear friends, there is a greatest dilemma . On the one hand a drink which we do not know the recipe is sold in our beautiful country, it is the cause of obesity, if you drink too much.
    On the other side the wine is discriminated against France. In England the teacher Roger Corder (author of wine diet ) the wine is good for health:
    • Wine yes, but with moderation , p. 185
    "According to studies on wine drinkers , it appears that two glasses of wine a day provides the greatest benefits ( ... reduces the overall risk of cardiovascular disease). "
    "The regular wine drinkers ( one to four drinks per day ) had fewer coronary risk than non-drinkers and those who drank irregularly, whatever the type of alcohol consumed. "
     the map taride published in 1933 shows more information:
    "Wine is the healthiest and most hygienic of beverages ( Pasteur) .
    - Average of human life , 59 years for a drinker of water, 65 for a wine drinker .
    - 87% of centenarians are wine drinkers .
    - Wine is the milk of the old. "
    et oui cela s 'appelait comme cela avant
    Solutions :
    What should we do, our government must rebalance things. In 1991, the Act prohibits alcohol advertising. Currently we know that there are controversres on coca cola is it's proven. Why there is no precautionary principle for this this drink. Why this drink is not the same regime as wine and alcohol. For my part Coca cola is favored and has benefited involuntarily Boulevard offered the Evin law. Is the Loi Evin is revisited, a law on sodas should be imposed in order to protect our children. 
    Our wine heritage is in danger. Proof: very good winegrower of Montlouis will close them doors. And these are not the first, nor the last. If we do not react by calling  the government, in twenty years, artisanal wineries disappear and give way to an industrial viticulture.
    Whether you are classic wines, natural wines pro, amateur or professional, and if you agree to my words: and share this article go to this page faceboock : coca-cola Enemy of wine ?
    Les bons effets de coca
    Good side ​​by Coca-Cola
    1 - The Coca-Cola removes grease stains and blood on clothing and fabrics 
    2 - It removes rust 
    3 - Its acidity will kill snails and slugs 
    4 - layer disintegrates burned a pot 
    5 - It limescale kettle 
    6 - The Coca-Cola opens pipes 
    7 - He scoured engine 
    8 - It luster coins 
    9 - It can dissolve a steak (and even a tooth with a little time!) 
    10 - Finally, the Coca-Cola cleanses dirt toilet 
    and what does it do to our taste buds?

    une très bonne boisson

    What to drink during our meal if it is not wine :


    - Water: I advise to use vitajuwel  for water.


    - Tea 


    In Norway , they have the option of choosing quality soft drinks .


    - The apple juice : Ringi  or Egge Gård :


    The benefits of apple juice


    Apple juice has many virtues for the body. Above all, it is an immediate source of energy from sugar it contains. Rich in vitamins A and C , it also contains vitamin K , B1 , B2 , B3 and E , and minerals such as potassium , calcium , phosphorus , iron , silicon , magnesium , copper and zinc . Vitamin A is essential for good vision. As for vitamin C , it helps strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of cancer. Apple juice also contains pectin , a soluble fiber , which is essential for maintaining healthy gut . According to a study , it also ejects harmful toxins by the liver and kidneys.

    - Vår : a range of juice mixed fruit without artifice .


    - Bringebaersaft : a range of no added sugar syrup




    1/rsa revenus des solidarités actives The active solidarity income, when a man or woman hasn t salary. They have RSA