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  1. The minerality from David Lefebvre

    "Many experts and professional confused with the other flavors (such as a metal or sulfur) and above
    , The minerality  in terms of taste
    is a simple concept (....) minerals,
     mineral salts , also known as the nutritionally
    trace elements (...)
      Old organic  vines
    But organic chemistry and chemistry
    mineral, these are two different disciplines. and
    sulfur compounds, our expert tasters
      nature are often expressed by the term "mineral expression",
    are other than organic compounds
    which have nothing to do with minerals (...)
    In short, the natural winegrowers feel intuitively
    that more land is alive, the more fruit
    grows there is qualitatively rich in minerals.
    salt minerals , it is the taste (...) To be convinced,
    just compare a tomato from the garden to a
    indutrial tomato (above ground) of greenhouses of netherlands

    But this the mineralization leads to
    perspective of natural wines, by the release of elements
    minerals from their organic matrix to
    form salts (...) This is also where one of the characteristics
    that natural winegrower are rediscovering .
    All fermentation, milk cheese,
     from grape to wine is accompanied
    the appearance of the component saline, one could
    mineral say, in the taste of the fermented product.

      Les moutons dans les vignes
     It must be qualitatively rich grapes (not quantitatively)
    minerals for these transformations then
    perform the miracle of fermentation
    the expression of terroir, that the Cistercians called
    the spirit, the salt (...) In summary, the approach
    natural wines is: a
    viticulture alive for tasty fruits,
    whose fermentations will express their minerality.
    All biocides and other products that block
    mineralization, such as SO2, inhibit the expression


    From "why natural  wines without sulfur express the minerality of David Lefebvre -Journalist and wine consultant