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  1. Hubert et Heidi Hausherr

    hubert et heidi

    Good discovery to follow AB / AVN: I don’t know them a year ago. They are part of the AVN. Some wines are very spiritual, or must to be decanted. The wines from this winegrower are often a blended of grape variety on the same soil.

     Sunngass 2009** (riesling pinot gris) marly sandstone soils

     Its color is yellow semi intense, his nose is aromatic and semi discrete. His attack is its smooth, the  middle is semi-long with a long and mineral retro-olfaction  . This attractive  wine is semi powerfull  with a complex, spicy mineral finish

    Altengarten 2009** (marly chalky soils gewürztraminer and riesling)
    Its nose a bit closed ... even reduced, the attack is smooth. The middle is ample,straightforward  and semi- long. The retro-olfaction is semi long with minerality (chalky) This wine is out of sync (just closed) but it is a great potential ... Sulphur was added to the bottling.
           With Vitajuwel the wine is balanced with great minerality

    SUNGASS 2008 *** (over-ripe Riesling,)
     Its color is bright yellow. His nose is discreet dry and candied fruit. The attack is smooth. The middle is ample, imposing, concentrated and long. The retro-olfaction is composed of long minerality and dried fruit
     This wine is impressive and spiritual drink in a few years or decant.
           Vitajuvel opens it and gives him the race and salt



      They are present : independent winemaker in Strasbourg 13/16 February, the natural wine of Grenoble in March and independent winemaker in Paris in late November

           Hubert and Heidi Hausherr
           Independent Winegrowers Alsatians
           6b rue Pasteur 68420 Eguisheim