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  1. Domaine Valentin Zusslin (Alsace)


    Founded in 1691 by M. CISLE, Domaine Valentin Zusslin  includes three generations of winegrowers who maintain the traditions of their ancestors. The vineyard is established South of Colmar : Orschwihr

    organic estate recognized:BD/SAS (just for 2 wines)

    This estate is farming biodynamic Demeter. The wine making is natural (with natural yeast, without chaptalization and just a little sulfur).

    The result gives ample wine, long with much minerality. They try to winemake no added sulfur for some wines (like  Auxerrois 2010, Pinot Noir 2010 cuvée A. .,or crémant 2008). You will find as old vintage Riesling 2003  Pfiengtsberg.  This winegrower ‘s family progresses from year to year

    vignes Alsace en bio

    Alsace Crémant without sulfur added  08 ***
    12.5 € (95% chardonnay and auxerois)
    His nose is discreet dried fruit and a little butter
    The attack is full, the bubbles are fine with a medium of elegant structure
    The Retro-olfaction is mineral and semi long
    This powerful creamant is full of beautiful structure with lovely fine bubbles, complexity and minerality are present
    This is a great success

    Muscat Cuvée Marie 2009 ***

    Color yellow, the aroma  nose is semi complex. The attack is smooth, the medium is rich, full and long. The finish is round. The return is very mineral, aromatic and spicy
    This lovely aromatic wine is just a littlesweet, and complex . It has a beautiful fat stucture. The return complex is both salty and sweet spice. For me it ‘ is silky dry wine.Vitajuwel gives the fineness and opens many

     crémant d'Alsace

    Domaine Valentin Zusslin et Fils
    57 Grand'Rue
    Orschwihr carte
    Vigneron Marie & Jean-Paul ZUSSLIN
    Tel    03 89 76 82 84
    Fax    03 89 76 64 36

    Present for Angers (renaissance des appellations)