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  1. Domaine Pierre Frick

    Very spiritual and non-standard BD / AVN / SAS
    A very great Alsatian winegrower .. These wines are pure and minerals. These wines are good and cheap. They are both accessible and very spiritual. You are sommeliers, restaurateurs and wine merchants: you can play with the wines of Jean-Pierre Frick. In fact, you can find wines from the same year, the same soil and same grape. The one with sulfur, the other is without the addition of sulfur.

    "With or without sulphur:

    Riesling 2002 Jean-Pierre FRICK
      with a bit of sulphur
    Intense yellow colour, its nose is clean and semi-Complex. The middle mouth is fatty, elegant and rather meaty. The retro-olfaction is semi-long and mineral. This round wine is ready to drink now.
    One week later: tasted at 17 °C
    This round wine is semi-long and rather meaty. The retro-olfaction is semi-long and semi-complex with Sherry and quince jam notes.

    Riesling 2002 without added sulphur Jean-Pierre FRICK

    An evolved orangey colour, its nose is clean and very complex (quince, bitter orange, Sherry). Its attack is unctuous; the middle palate is ample, long and concentrated. The retro-olfaction is fresh, long and mineral (Sherry, fruit jam). This powerful wine is very pure with great minerality. It can be laid down.
    One week later: tasted at 17 °C
    The attack is very unctuous, the evolution is very fine with a dazzling finish and complex retro-olfaction (minerality, jammy fruit and sherry). In my view, this amber coloured wine is subtle and magnificent. However, it will not please everyone and certain people will claim it is too sweet (unctuous attack) or too oxidised (amber and sherry colour). The nose of the empty glass is magnificent and of great purity.
    NB: the difference between the two is the colour, and more especially the dazzling minerality of the second."

    from Tasting lessons with organic sommelier

    vignes Alsace en bio

    Sylvaner 2010 *** (sas)
    Its color is gold, his nose is candied quince. His attack is smooth, the middle is sweet, sharp, thin and long. His final  is round.
    The retro-olfaction is mineral,  with confit grape ‘s aroma
    This round wine (late harvest) is a spiritual phenomenon both syrupy with a beautiful minerality (60 g of sugar round).
    This wine is pure. The proof: the empty glass has a nose of candied quince

    Pinot Noir 2004 **
    Its color is semi intense cherry . Its her is wild but pleasant
    This wine is semi-powerful and straightforward, semi long with fine tannins. The retro-olfaction is tannins.
    This wine should be drunk now with hare


    Domaine Jean-Pierre Frick 5, rue Baer - FRANCE - 68250 PFAFFENHEIM +33 (0)3 89 49 62 99

    Present to :

    - renaissance des appellations (grenier saint-jean) 28-29 january

    -millesime bio 23-24-25 january 2012 au Parc des Expositions de Montpellier,