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  1. Catherine et Gilles Vergé (Macon)

    Vire Clesse coteaux des quarts  06 (4 g of residual sugar) ** The nose is discreet,
    The attack is smooth, the middle while lace is semi-powerfull with a long finish. The retro-olfaction is spicy and mineral
    This sikly dry and semi long final is very nice like an aperitif.

    Gilles vergé

    Vieilles vignes (Old vines) wine table 05 ***
    His nose is almond and discreet. The attacks are smooth, the medium was concentrated and long. The retro-olfaction is very long and mineral
    This wine is ample  with a final round

    Very spiritual  NC / AVN / SAS
    They own a few acres of white wines near Macon. They make wine with natural yeast and without addition of sulfur. Often in vin de table ou vin de france (depending on the vintage), their wines are very spiritual and with a long minerality . You need to decant for at least an hour. For me, they are  very good natural winegrower  (no added sulfur).

    Earl and Catherine Gilles Verge Place Tertre, Viré 71260

    03 85 33 10 99

    Wine Fare :

    November AVN  and " buvez  Nature" in December in Paris.

    Present at Groslay mid-March and A Caen le vin

    In May, vini circus,

    "salon des vins libres Alsace"