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  1. Chemicals in the vines

    chemistry has taken over the vineyards in the late sixties ... The weed killers have replaced the horse. In 2001, a study requested by ONIVINS (National l Office of Wine), found that the winemaker spends on average € 600 perhectare. Knowing that the French vineyard  is about 800 000 hectares, do the math. A few years ago, a professor of INRA provides evidence that the wine spends half the chemicals used by all of agriculture. The surface of the wine represents only 5% of all french farming
    Some players of the wine world make fun  when they say that chemistry is not present in the wine.

    vines with weed killers

    The vines are weeded, the soil is hard as cement. The water and roots can not penetrate the earth.
    Consequently, the plant does not tire gives a lot of yields.

    The use of chemicals give two terrible consequences:

    They kill microbial life in the vineyard. During winemaking, fermentation does not start and the winemaker uses the selected yeast laboratory.
    They unbalance the flora and fauna. Diseases spread and the winemaker is still using chemicals.

    organic burgundy vines