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  1. Different styles of wines in the world

    The two styles of wine tasting
    Buccal (style): wines of the buccal style do not have retro-olfaction after swallowing the wine. Their qualities are only present in the mouth (concentration, tannin, etc.). Often the result of laboratory-selected yeasts, these wines may also undergo barrel aging in new oak. (Extract from Dico du Vin naturel by Jean-Charles Botte le courrier du livre Publishing.)


    Michel Augé works in vines

    Spiritual (style): wines produced organically that are certified or not, vinified with natural yeasts and containing little or no sulphur can be powerful, but the tannins of red wines of this type are fine and do not unbalance the wine, notably because of an attack in the mouth that is unctuous - proof of good phenolic maturity.
    These wines have an imposing recurrence in the mouth that can last several minutes. They don’t dry the mouth; the minerality and the menthol (aromatic characteristic) never make them sickening. I call them “spiritual” or “” in style (Petits Rendements Leveurs Indigènes et Travail de la Terre – Small Yields, Natural Yeasts and Working the Soil). It is after deglutition that these wines come back to “haunt” the taste buds. Their aromatic complexity excites the senses. It is the fruit of working the soil, of vinification without artifice (no added yeasts and little sulphur). You will have understood that I have a preference for this kind of wine (Taken from Petit Dico des Vins Naturels by Jean-Charles Botte, Alysse Publishing.)

    translate by Geoffrey Finch