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  1. the rosé wine

    The rosé winemaking

    In France, the rosé wine isn’t a blend of red wine and white wine. Except for Champagne rosé, this mixture is prohibited by law.

    Rosé wines are made from red grape juice colorless or slightly colored, which is applied:

    - A white winemaking or direct pressing of red grapes: to avoid a too strongly tinged juices, pressing must not be pushed so as not to tear the film and prevent the release of too much pigment.

    - A winemaking  between white winemaking and red winemaking, of conducting a bloodletting in the tank after a slight maceration of the grapes. The drainage is practiced when the wine has reached the desired color.

    Bandol rosé

    Is this rosé wine is a great wine??

    . Yes, some rosé give me a lot of pleasure and are worthy of great wines.

    my philosophy is never judge a wine on its color, but on its depth and cleanliness. The first area of confrontation of this wine is its sulfur content. I simply feel some roses( red and withe ) to have a headache.

    The different colors:

    - Salmon clear :light,  glug glug wine and dry
    - Orange-Pink: semi-powerfull and dry
    - Grenadine : this wine is  powerful  with a touch of sugar

    How the sulfur smell in the pink (and other colors)
    - Sulphur invades your nostrils
    - Metallic taste in the finish
    - You smell burning rubber in the nose and empty glass


    The rosé wine and yeast:

    The rosé wine is above all an important trade for some winegrowers. The natural yeast can be temperamental and take a long time for winemaking (until September the following year). This is why many winegrowers of Provence work with chemical  yeasts.


    The icing is a sacrilege to drink. 12 ° is the right temperature.

    Jc Comor

    My favorite: the two styles of rosés without  back of sulfur.
    The buccal style:
    Peter Fisher (Revelette):
    The only wine with chimecal yeast of peter fisher is the rosé. It is semi powerfull and buccal but no return of sulfur

    The village of Correns: the  village is the first  organic  in France. I enjoyed  the rosé wine of cooperative and Michael Latz.

    The spiritual style

    Chateau St. Anne. For me it is the best of the best You can keep this wine, and you must to caraf this wine. This is proof that the rose wine can be a great wine.

    JC Comor les terres promises
    : glug glug rosé wine

    Mark angély: light red, “rosé d’un jour” is long in the mouth and this final is just little sweet

    Jacques carroget the paonnerie:Coteau d’ancenis is glug glug wine, “Ceci est un rosé”is a red very light.

    The sablonnettes: “Ceci n’est pas un rouge” is a delicious rosé. This color is  grenadine. This final is just a little sweet.

    Eric pfiferling: this tavel with no added sulfur is strong and fine. Beatifull wine

    ze bulle

    The sparkling rosé wine
    Michel Augé: Altérité  has fine bubbles and a nice round finish.

    La tour grise: Ze bubble is bubble wine like a candy
    Les vignes de l’angevin: sparkling rosé with delicate bubbles and dry
    Bubbles Villemade: sparkling rosé with delicate bubbles. This final is a few round