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  1. Les vignes de l'angevin

     organic  vines
    Very spiritual wine AB AVN
    Jean-Pierre Robinot makes spiritual wines with no added sulfur in coteaux de Loir (north of Tours) The “vins de france” offer minerality and purity. The Pineau d'Aunis are both elegant and powerful.


     Cuvée bistrologie 2009 Vin de France

    Its color is Or dark. Its nose is complex nose of quince, sherry and minerality.
    The attack is smooth, its medium is  ample and  long.  You find  some gas. The long retro-olfaction is  sweet and  salty. This wine imposing complex flavors and power can be stored or carfed. You can drink on Lobster or white meat

    Concerto onis 2009
    Its color is semi-intense cherry , its nose is aromatic
    The middle is ample and slightly rustic. The tannins are fine and a little present. The retro-olfaction is complex (minerality and liquorice).
    This wine is still young,  you can keep it, but I advise you to drink from the decanter

    Old organic  vines

    Cuvée Camille Robinot 2005 Vin de France

    36 months of maturing
    Its color is Dark brick red, his nose is complex with aromas of pepper and red fruits. It is concentrated and has a long mineral finish. This wine is aged for 36 months . I invite you to open at least one hour in a decanter before serving

    Les Vignes de l'Ange vin
    Jean-Pierre Robinot
    Le Présidial
    72 Chahaignes




    Jean-Pierre Robinot


    Present in Saumur for "la dive bouteille" the 29/30 january and the 30 th january (grenier saint-jean : organic wine tasting)

      Organic soil in Loire