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  1. Béatrice et Michel Augé (les maisons brûlées)

    Very spiritual wine BD/SAS/AVN:
     Michel Augé has left the wine cooperative since 2003.
    He cultivates biodynamic 4.5 hectares of vines between Montrichard and Saint-Aignan in the Loir et Cher. The grapes are cot, gamay, cabernet, chardonnay and sauvignon. The wines are not chaptalised and without  addition of yeast and sulfur (for red wines).
    The maturing  are long (24 to 36 months) in a cave in limestone. What about the purity of the complexity of their wines: the breed, elegance. The wines have no oxidation, to the contrary the 2004 White can become brown after a day of opening. At the moment, they can add a  few sulfur for  white wine. The finals are pure and mineral. For two years,  the vines are ploughed by Praline,a horse,  For skeptics of wines with no added sulfur, I tasted the red and white wines aged 7 to 8 years who are beautiful .


     Michel Augé

      Sauvignon 2007 vin de France  (tasted in oak barrels in May 2010 **)

    The nose is discreet just  a little salty ,  this color is intense yellow
    The attack is smooth, the medium is powerfull, long and concentrated. The retro-olfaction is long and fresh mineral
    This rich wine, very mineral has a nice retro-olfaction with a fresh pineapple.

    Alterite vin de France 2010

    This Rosé is refreshing (very fine bubbles ) and has a nice round  final . Its retro-olfaction is very salty, this bubble wine is very nice for an aperitif

     Herdeleau 08 (gamay, côt et pinot noir)  **

    Its Color is ink, his nose is complex (pepper, blackcurrant and menthol.)
    The attack is smooth, the middle is concentrated , with a little gas
    The tannins are silky with a retro-olfaction of minerality and leather
    This young wine  is pleasant. It should be decanted


    Béatrice et Michel Augé 5 IMP VALLEE DU LOING 41110 POUILLE TEL 02 54 71 58 23 e-mail :

    Present in Angers for "renaissance des appellations"