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  1. Les sablonnettes (Christine et Joël Mesnard)

     Estate with “glouglou”wine and  with cheap wine AB:

    Joel, Christine and their son Jeremy  make enjoyable and cheap wine (Anjou). ... This estate that is gaining recognition and   offers beautiful sweet wine

    Jeremy Mesnard estate of sablonette

    Le petit blanc Anjou  2010 **

    Its nose is Floral , this wine is semi-powerful and semi-long, and has a semi- long retro-olfaction mineral . This white wine is to glug-glug wine

    Murmur 2005 Vin de France ***

    It is similar to Jura wine (without sulphur)
    This wine Ample, is long and concentrated . Its finish is open, its retro-olfaction is long, fresh aromas of nuts and minerals.  this wine without the addition of sulfur is very spiritual and mineral

    organic  vines

    Copain d'abord vin de France 2010 Vin de France **

    The grape are  Cabernet and grolleau
    This  color is cherry, this semi-powerfull wine is rich and enjoyable with light tannins.
    This glug-glug wine is  male and has a beautiful minerality

    Les Erables 2009 Coteaux du Layon ***

    This color is Orange, his nose is discreet  mandarin. His attack is smooth, the middle is syrupy, semi-long and elegant. The retro-olfaction long is pure, bitter  with aromas of tangerine and minirality. This sweet wine is great finesse and mineral. .

    Rablay-sur-Layon     Joël MENARD
    Téléphone 02 41 78 40 49
    02 41 78 61 15

    Present to January winefare : renaissance    and les bios de loire

    organic  vines