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  1. Domaine la Grapperie



    Cave de la grapperie

    Les portes dorées vin de France  2007 ***
    Its color is golden yellow, his nose is complex discrete with butter, spices and fruit
    The attack is smooth, the middle is full, concentrated with a little gas.
    This wine is ample and long male. Its retro-olfaction is long and mineral flavors with spice and sherry.
    This wine without the addition of sulfur is spitual. You can  to be caraf it


    Gravot the table wine lot 08 ***
    This wine has a cherry-colored middle greedy and supple tannins. The retro olfaction is mineral. This wine glug glug served at 15 ° will be perfect for the summer.

    vignes de la grapperie

    Very spiritual  AVN AB

    Surrounded by organic  farmer  (cereal crop), this organci estate has 4.5 hectares of vines dispatched on 17 parcels . Elodie and  Renaud  offers wines with no added sulfur. It is clear and precise. Their maturing are long, and give the wine with purity, gas and minerals. The term “vin de france” or “vin de table” are used recent years instead . Their price is between 12, 15 and 20 € depending on the vintage.

    Renaud Guettier

    La Grapperie
    Renaud Guettier
    La Soudaierie
    37370 Beuil en Touraine

    Present in Saumur for "la dive bouteille" the 29/30 january

    Old organic  vines