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  1. Pascal Lambert (Chinon)

    organic wine cellar
    Chinon les terrasses 2009
    Its color is semi intense cherry. His nose is complex, clean and discreet. The aromas are  plant , leather and  a little wild
    His attack is smooth, the middle is fine, right and tender. The tannins are fine and with a retro-olfaction semi long mineral and leather
    This glug-glug chinon has some gaz It is a good value for money.

    Pascal Lambert

    Chinon tradition Graves 2010
    Its color is intense cherry. His nose is very discreet   The attack is smooth. The middle  is ample, semi long with present tannins but fine this ample wine is well balanced. It can be drunk now or you can keep it two or three years
    With vitajuwel it is rounder and the retro-olfaction is to plant

    organic  vines

     Organic estate recognized

    Pascal Lambert uses biodynamic farming since 1997. he always wants to grow. he used the bioelectronics (A technique using physico-chemical,)  Http:// this method allows him to understand the plant and soil. Its wines have become thinner less hardy. I recommend To discover these withe Chinons
    this estate  is to discover

    organic  vines
    Pascal Lambert « Les chesnaies » 37500 Cravant-les-coteaux 0247931379

    Present to New-york and Montreal (the 27 and 29 february)