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  1. Château Saint-Anne (Bandol)

    Bandol rosé
    Château-Sainte-Anne 2009 Bandol
    Rose salmon coloured, the nose is closed, complex (iodine, dried fruit, mandarin) and clean. The attack is unctuous, the evolution elegant and rather meaty, with a semi-long sharp finish. The retro-olfaction is clean (without a nasal sulphur return). We can smell the minerality and slightly bitter citrus aromas

    Côtes de Provence (red) 2006 **
    The attack is supple, this wine is right semi powerful. The retro-olfaction is mineral. This wine is semi-expanded to drink now

      Bandol (red) ** 08 this attack is ample. The middle of the wine is still tight. This wine is semi-long with present tannins. It has a very mineral retro-olfaction.. This male wine should be decanted. You can keep it

    organic estate recognized BD/AVN

    "This domain belongs to the AVN. Their red Bandols are for laying down. Their rosé was closed the day of the tasting but was better the following day. That’s the price for natural wines, they’re like people - in good shape in the morning and the next day they’re intolerable. For these wines, one needs only decant them or drink them the next day." from   Tasting lessons with organic sommelier

    Château Saint-Anne is a great reference Bandol rosé. Few estate of Provence make wine with the natural yeast


    Château Saint-Anne
    Françoise DUTHEIL de LA ROCHERE – AB AVN
    RN 8
    83330 Sainte-Anne-d’Evenos
    Tel: 33-4 94 90 35 40
    Fax: 33-4 94 90 34 20

    Wine Fare in  January , Château Saint-Anne will be 

    Millesime bio(Montpelier), renaissance des appellations (Angers), la dive bouteille (Brézé near to Angers)