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  1. Domaine Ribiera ( Languedoc)

    Good discovery to follow NC / SAS: This young couple bought the vineyard in 2005. Régis is  A former sommelier  from Hédiard and Laurent restaurant. He  has studied wine and winemaking. He began in 2006. 2009 was the big jump, the wines are natures. Red is no added sulfur, and the are a just a little sulfur for the white.

    Régis Pichon
    Tasting mars 2011

    Languedoc 09 **
    This  nose is fresh and the middle is semi powerfull, rich and  semi long.
    The Retro-olfaction is complex with minerality, spice and anise
    The advantage of this ample wine is fresh and uprightness:

    Ribiera wine grape grower lengadoc SAS 9002 ***
    Intense cherry
    His nose is  discrete and  does not have a deviance. This Languedoc wine is gluglu and digestible without heaviness.

     Last tasting (02/2012)

    Causse toujours 2010  Cherry intense, his nose is wild, but discreet . It gets worse after a quarter of an hour. The attack is smooth, the medium is large but semi long. The tannins are a fine but a little present . The retro-olfaction is complex and mineral. But this generous wine has a beautiful final freshness. You want to drink, but also keep a few years.

    two curiosities from late harvest

    Ribiera 2.10 9002
    Its color isOrange-yellow, his nose is butter, the attack is smooth, the medium is fuample, The final round is less than red.. The retro-olfaction is spicy and has a volatile acidity, which is not unpleasant. This male white wine should be drunk at 14 ° with a chicken or cheese

    Grenah 9002

    Dense cherry color, its nose is fruit alcohol. The attack is smooth, the middle is ample, fine with a final very round. The retro-olfaction is fruit alcohol. This curiosity from late harvest is enjoyable. Alain Passard serves it with a pigeon: I tried, it is as incredible

     Earl domaine ribiera Régis Pichon 22 avenue de la gare 34800 Aspiran


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