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  1. Very spiritual  NC / SAS
    Spiritual wine without adding sulfur to a high phenolic maturity. You can find gas in wine. The tannins are fine and always powerful middle.


    Gérard Eyraud

    Grande Signature lot 2008 Domaine Rapatel ***

    Slightly evolved golden colour, its discreet nose gives off aromas
    of jammy quince and anis. The attack is unctuous, the evolution ample,
    concentrated and long with a saline retro-olfaction that is very long.
    This spiritual wine without added sulphur is powerful, complex and
    very saline. It would be a perfect accompaniment for bouillabaisse,
    for example.

    Grande Signature lot 2008 Domaine de Rapatel ***
    Inky in colour, the nose is discreet with blackcurrant cream and eaude-
    vie fruits. The attack is unctuous, the evolution, thanks to gas, is elegant,
    meaty and semi-long. The finish is fresh with a complex mineral
    and spice retro-olfaction. This masculine wine is full of freshness and
    is pleasant to drink now. I suggest you decant it or you can also lay
    it down for a few years.

    Domaine de Rapatel Gérard Eyraud  30128 GARONS
    Tél. 04.66 70 12 40
    Fax 04 66 70 06 96