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  1. Villa Tempora (Languedoc)

    Good discovery to follow AB / SAS:

    Beautiful discovery of  spring 2011, this wines of Languedoc (Pezenas) are  from organic and fermented naturally (without the addition of sulfur to red). This wine are pure, digestible and spiritually.

     Tasting mars 2011

    Languedoc Villa tempora 09 **
    Steady yellow, his nose that day was out of sync  (was oak and yeast). The attack is smooth, the middle is fat, semi-rich, semi-ample. The retro-olfaction is complex with aromas of spice and minerality. This fat wine is still young but promising. It is a nice  wine of the south with beautiful minirality

    Villa tempora pezenas € 8 09 **

    30% Syrah 30% Grenache and the rest Carrignan
    His color is Intense cherry, his nose is discreet. The middle is semi-fleshed, semi-long. Its final possesses  fine tannins and a retro-olfaction mineral.
    This wine is out of sync now but promising

    The same wine Vitajuwel ***

    His nose is blackcurrant cream . His attack is very smooth. Its middle is semi powerfull, semi long, straight and shiny on the finish. Its tannins are fine without unbalanced wine. The back of the mouth is longer. Vitajuwel  open  this wine

    6 way to Faissine 34120 Pézenas
    + 33 (0) 4 67 35 25 38 / + 33 (0) 6 60 75 11 21

    This estate offers  Bed and breakfast

    Present to :

    -vinisud sur le stand commun de"La route des vignerons et pêcheurs"
    -le salon des vignerons indépendants au mois de mars porte de champeret


    Serge schwartz