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  1. André Bourguet (Languedoc)

    Vin de Campagne 2007 ** (opened 2 hours prior) costs €5 to €6
    Colour: Cherry
    Nose: 1st scent of pepper and leather, second scent of undergrowth and brandy
    Attack: full-bodied
    Middle: the middle has full-bodied aromas of leather and pepper, semi-long
    Finish: the tannins are slightly hard with bitterness that I do not mind
    Retro-olfaction: long licorice, the minerality appears shortly after.
    Conclusion: This gourmet wine of masculine character (pepper aromas and the presence of tannins) is a great value for money and the best vintage for André Bourguet

    André Bourguet

    Vin de Campagne 2009 André Bourguet (tasted February 2011) from €5 to €6
    Has a slightly deep cherry colour, its nose is complex pepper, floral and leather. This wine is not as full-bodied as the 2007 vintage. Light, fruity and slightly gaseous from the start, this wine is pleasant to drink at 15°. The finish is sharp with fine tannins and a complex retro-olfaction/olfaction mixture of leather tannins and minerality. Slightly masculine table wine


    Estate with cheap wine AB

    André Bourguet is winegrower at Montimas , near Beziers. It develops cheap vin de pays with character . An estate of 12 hectares which saw organic farming since 1987, he uses natural yeats for a winemaking. These wines can be drunk over several days, I also advise you to decant.


    André Bourguet Montimas 34500 Béziers
    Tel :0467762628