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  1. Glug Glug wine what is it ?????



    With natural winemaking, an another red wine’s style exists. They are easy to drink as water and without aftertaste of sulfur. this wine kind comes from organic farming with natural winemaking. Maceration carbonic winemaking was created by the famous french winemaker from Burgundy in 70 : Jules Chauvet. This kind of wine is less powerful  and less tannic than the other wine. We have in France a name for this kind of wine : glug glug. It is typical wine for the wine bar or bistrot. 


     Olivier Lemasson et la grange aux belles

    Poivre et sel 2014 Vin de France Olimasson


    Olivier Lemasson ’s estate is found in appellation Cheverny from region of Loire Valley. It isn’t from far the towns Blois and Orléans. the color is cherry semi-intense. The nose is complex with pepper, wild, eau de vie(brandy) and fruit aromas. This delicate wine is semi-long with fine tannins. its aftertaste is semi-long and semi-complex with fruit and minerality. 


    Le vin de jardin 2014 la grange aux belles 

    The grange aux belles 's estate  of is close to the town Angers in the appellation « Anjou ». The color is  more intense than  Olivier’s wine. the nose is complex and discreet. this wine is straight, fine with a long and incisif mineral aftertaste. Nice discovery. The grappe is local  : Grolleau. 




    Syrah 2013 Hervé Souhault coteaux de l’Ardèche


    the appellation of coteaux de l’Ardeche is located on the border of Nortern Côtes du rhone. it isn’t far  to the Saint-Joseph appellation . the color si semi-intense, the nose  is semi-complex with pepper. The wine from southern of France is dry with fine tannins, spicy and mineral aromas. Very fresh and easy to drink wine. 



    Trebiollo 2013 la stoppa IGP Emilia Romagna


    The estate of la stoppa is situated in IGP of Emilia Romagna. It is close to the town Bologna in Italie. The local grappe are Bonardo and Barbera. The color is semi intense of cherry. The nose is open with fruit aromas. The attack is unctuous, the palate is semi-long straight wine fine tannins and slightly sweet note in final.


    My choice in Xich-lô


    Bellotti rosso 2013

    The color is intense of cherry. The nose is complex with fruit, spicy farm and slightly urine of mouse. The wine is elegant with a long palate. The aftertaste is long and complex with nice minerality. fabulous and easy to drink  wine without sulfur added. Sometime you can find gas in this wine. It is the reason, you need to decant. The grappes are dolcetto and barbera. The Belloti’s estate is situated in piemonte region, Nothern of Italie. The  mouse urine note is a defect in natural wine as my white hair….For this wine, i sense just a few.


    Poulprix Ganvevat 2013 Vin de France

    the color is clear cherry ; the nose is very complex : cherry, farm, eau de vie (brandy) and spicies. the long  palate is fine and elegant. The final presents polished tannins and intense aftertaste. The wine is harmonious. You need to decant this wine


    Jura is region of Vin jaune. It is situated between Burgundy region and Swistzerland. Sometimes it is unknown. You can find winegrowers with great talent like Labet, Tissot, Overnoy or Ganevat which everybody call friendly FANFAN  


    Coteaux giennois 2008 Mathieu Coste

    Situated in my french  favorite region : Loire valley between the town Orléans and Bourges. This coteaux giennois is without sulfur. Elegant, crispy  and complex aftertaste...i serve it with duck with red wine and  orange  sauce. 


    .About Maceration carbonic winemaking without sulfur. 


     "The tank previously is saturated with carbon dioxide, the healthy and whole grapes are put into tanks  ... The sulfur has no sense since the harvest is under the protection of carbon  gas.... Add sulphur involves stirring juice and grappes incompatible with the principle of macerating grappes intact. "From the book of natural wine François Morel. After several blind tastings, I've realized that I have a preference for Beaujolais vinified in Burgundy  style and not carbonic maceration. I find more minerality and complexity when the wine come from another vinification. " Carbonic maceration produces  Glug glug wines for wine bar. » term from François Morel . But mostly I do not criticize them and if I had  my vines,  my first bottle  would  from carbonic maceration and  easy to drink and sell quickly.


    Cape Rock Wine


    Curiosity : 


    Amnesty 2013 Cape rock wine

    South Africa western cape


    wine the color is semi intense of cherry, the nose is fruity…The palate is elegant and juicy with soft tannins. The aftertaste is semi long and slightly complex. Delicate wine from south africa. But for me it is’not natural because i sense slightly sulfur during after taste…



    About where can i find this wine in Norway:

    Grange aux belles and Olivier Lemasson are new....

    Poulprix : you can taste in Territoriet. For Syrah from Souhault, Belloti and Trebiollo, i serve them in Xich-lô. 


    Jean-Charles Botte May 2015