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  1. The term organic wine in europe

    The term organic wine in europe
    "The new regulation will apply from 1 August 2012, the wines may therefore be called bio from the 2012 harvest. An exception is made for bottles to be sold in 2012 but from 2011 the grapes - they can be called organic if the manufacturer certifies that his wines were produced in compliance with the new regulations. "

    chimecal vines

    The charter Organic Wine FNIVAB:

    It prohibits:
    Ascorbic acid Citric acid Tartaric acid Potassium alginate Potassium bitartrate or cream of tartar PhosphateNH4 Tannins BIO
    But allows the sulfur (maximum 100 ml) and chemical organic yeasts  (E491 product without synthetic doped oriented sterol) ,flash pasteurization and reverse Osmosis


    organic  vines

    For me :

    "An organic wine must be different from others ... The difference is established on several points:
    - The natural yeasts gives  personality to the wine
    - Too much sulfur input make the wine unpalatable
    - The flash pasteurization standardizes wine
    - Reverse osmosis (allowed for European organic wine) can concentrate diluted musts.
    The wine from organic farming is booming in recent years. The proof is the winefare “Millesime bio”increasing year by year the number of visitors. The concern is usually the tenants remain with the same unchanging winemaker winemaking. We need the awareness of growers and winemakers  to evolve: no addition of yeast, little sulfur and no inputs.
    I think an  appellation "vin nature"(natural wine) must be created: no added yeast and very little sulfur. We have talented winegrower (french and italian) who know  how to  vinify  as naturally as possible. The winegrowers are learning to use chemicals why not making  sessions of natural wines in schools oenology.

     organic  vines
    The term organic wine in the U.S.
    - Allows  use of chemicals yeasts
    - Dose of sulfur: 10 mlg
    The term “wine from organic farming”
    - Dose of sulfur: 100 mlg
    - The winegrower can have 25% of conventional vineyards in the appellation from “organic farming”

    Jean-Charles Botte april 2012

    *FNIVAB :
    National (french) Interprofessional Wine Federation of Organic farming

    * organic wine : My winegrowers  making pure wines with natural yeats

    * : in this association you can find organics wine without input (just little sulfur)