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  1. Welcome, Bienvenue

    Welcome to my website: I am a « small »  sommelier in Oslo - Norway- For me the wine is not alcohol but some food, especially for organic wines vinified in natural yeasts with little sulfur. You will find many articles. The links are in green. Just click on....

    Jean-charles Botte

    Sommelier  restaurant xich lô in Norway and wine writer . French version Rethinking about wine tasting WSET : my opinion.

     In Island of Norway

    For me; there are two major styles of wines in the world. I am a specialist of spiritual wines: organic farming and winemaking indigenous yeasts



    I'm sommelier of Europe : i like food and wine. Coca-cola isn't my friend. For me sommelier, it is a personn who works in restaurant.
     My tasting practice is very different. For me, the retro-olfaction, the analyzing of palate and the complexity of nose are very important. Then, i'm very sensitive about chimecal in wine : sulphur etc....
    To finish : i believe in natural wine...
    Good reading
    Jean-Charles Botte natural wine advocate

    Un sommelier fou....fou de son métier et allergiques aux produits chimiques dans les vins.
    Nye naturlige viner på Vinmonopolet
    1/Hva er en naturlig vin ? Det er ingen reguleringer for naturlig vin. AVN er en forening for produsenter av naturlig vin i frankrike. Her er definisjonen for naturlig vin fra AVN. 1 Vinen kommer fra økølogisk landbruk med sertifiseringen 2 ingen additiv for vinifikasjon 3 Pasteurisering er forbudt