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    In France, you have a crise 

    My heritage is good and pure food (without chemicals and organic wines with natural yeast and low sulfite). 


    Jean-Charles Botte Portugal


    Do you know ?

    More and more Brasseries in France buy industrial food. The chief  need just to warm the industrial food. 

    Which country is second for Mac donald in a world : France

    Which country is the first consumer of chemicals for farming : France



    I’m resistant like many friend of me. I give you  many address.  : not very expensive where the food is made in the restaurant. I like Norwegian people, it is the reason, i made this page. 



    New APP to drink natural wines 

    Naturlig vin

    Hvor skal du spise i Loire ? Where can you eat in Loire valley ?
    My favorite region from France with more and more organic food and natural wines. Please forget Sancerre.....
    Où manger à Oslo ????
    Où manger à Oslo….Où sortir boire un verre à Oslo
    Hvor skal du spise i Nice og i Marseille. Where can you eat in Nice and in Marseille
    r my friends from Nice and Marseille are very good and professional
    Hvor skal du spise i Paris ? Where can you eat in Paris ?
    My favorite addresses for Paris