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  1. Hvor skal du spise i Loire ? Where can you eat in Loire valley ?

     Sancerre is very popular, but please forget it. Angers and Saumur are charming towns, and you can find many small restaurants witht good value. This towns propose more and more organic wines with natural winemaking. I’m very fan about this places….


    Auberge du layon Chef



     Rablay sur layon :

    This village is situated not far from Angers.Layon is a river, it is a region of sweet wine (coteaux du layon) Small  and cute village where you have artist place for the summer. Few years ago, the supermarket closed. to replace it, the mayor of this village and his team created an association. And now you can find in this ancient supermarket local and organic food. It is a revolution in France. It is a proof we can forget to go to industrial supermarket. Good value for the price. And also...a simple restaurant with organic food and natural wines...



    L’Auberge du layon : the amazing place in this small village. A rasta man is cooking Pizza , salad and another dishes from local and organic producers.The beer is artisanal; and the wines from natural wine producers as Patrick Desplats (18 euros ) Gilles Azoni .The last time, i paid 34 euros by person (but with many bottles). it isn’t our Chef but just a doctor…An another world….Sometimes, you have concert..

    20, Grande Rue 


    Tél : 02 41 78 32 55 



    To do something around Angers 



     Old car race  in  Puy-Notre-Dame street

    Le Puy-Notre-Dame : 

    This village is close to Saumur. It is a new king of appellation Saumur. 

    You have Saumur-Champigny, for 7 years, you have also Saumur Puy-Notre-Dame. Just for the red, the grapes are Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Elegant wines with fine tannins, i like this wines La Tour grise and La fosse sèche. You can find some good suprises. For the end of July, you have old car races. 





    Bed, breakfast and more...

    La Pinsonière : Bed and breakfast with possibility to eat for the dinner. The house is ancient house of castle guard. Build with stones, it is calm and you have a great and relaxing atmosphere. But the owners Pascale and Olivier are professional wine Bar. they propose local and organic food and wines for the dinner…just amazing. My favorite wine producer : La Tour grise


    Loire valley













    Saumur : 


    Les tontons :  old address with a good terrasse. the food is rustic but good…with fresh french friy, andouillette and  local charcuterie. 


    Au bon marché  This   fresh cooking is more inventive and elegant…Natural wines also 2, place Saint-Pierre 

    49400 SAUMUR 

    Tél. 02 41 38 92 97 

    Port. 06 23 08 44 14 





    Bourgueil : The appellation Bourgueil is situated not far from Saumur close to the Loire river. The grape is cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon. With carbonic maceration, the wine are fluid and easy to drink. But you can age the wine for 10 years with traditional winemaking . 25 % of vines are organic. In France, it is just 5 %. A dynamic appellation



    Domaine Laurent Herlin : New biodynamic wine producer for 7 years, i was enjoyed with the last wines : good balance between tanins and palate. The wine are pure and complex…Good Job…Also Laurent Herlin propose Bed and Breakfast. - 




    Do you want to try new and different wine courses ? 


    Natural wines






    Wines from Loire Valley In Norway :


    Bourgueil Saumur Muscadet Anjou Natural wine from Loire valley  Vouvray

    Loire Valley represents in Norway just 1% of wines in vinmonopolet. In this 1 %, Sancerre represents 70%...