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  1. Hvor skal du spise i Nice og i Marseille. Where can you eat in Nice and in Marseille




    La part des anges (angel share i) Olivier Labarde is the first natural wine enthusiast is Nice (1997). In this « cave à manger », you can eat salad, cheese, charcuterie and dish of the day. Pleasant place.


    La mise au vert : the  Olivier labarde’s restaurant. Fresh food, organic vegetables, dish of the day.. i never tasted crunchy squid like that. Good value...



    Bistrot du fromager : In old Nice, this restaurant isn’t tourist trap. Loubert Brothers are working also with fresh and local food. they are specialist of cheese. The wines come from natural wines (no sulfite added). 29, rue Benoit Bunico 06000 Nice – Tél.: -



     Olivier of "La part des anges" Nice





    Man cellar :


    Plus belle La vigne :: specialist of organic wines and natural wines. Claude Courtois, Olivier Cousin, Grammenon, Les vignes du mayne Didier Labarde Dard et Ribo…You can find old vintages 



    Wine Bar : 


    Lacaille Restaurant – 42, rue des 3 Mages 13006 Marseille – Tél.: - Just for the dinner…very small place with very fresh food  and dish of the day. Very good price. 




    More addresses : 



    Natural wines


    Vinkurs i Oslo :