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  1. Hvor skal du spise i Paris ? Where can you eat in Paris ?



    Snack and tapas in paris : 


    Sometimes in Paris you can find «  cave à manger ». It is a shop to buy wine (take away), but also, you can eat lit a bit and drink on place. The price of wine is not expensive.  the different Between the price from take   away and from on place, it is generally 6/8 euros. 



    Satees : very small place for the lunch. All is homemade, cake quiche and soup. The fruit juice are made at minute (carott, appel, ginger, banana  you decide for your choice). You can take also a glass of classic wine.  12H at 19H for winter, 12H at 21H for summer with a good terrace. 

    Satees  Marche Alimentaire Saint-Germain | 4 - 8 rue Lobineau, 75006 Paris, France 


    Le Libanais : situated in Tourist street, this very small « fast food » prepares traditional sandwich from Lebanon. I recommend to take Le Libanais (6.50 €) with garlic sauce. The flour used  is organic. They  are not specialist of wine, just very good  ‘« fast food « 

    35 rue Saint André des arts, 75006 Paris, France



    L’avant comptoir :  Close to the hostel Saint-germain, the famous chef is Yves Camdeborde. Star in french gastronomie, he is working with many famous farmer producer directly. You don’t have any table and  any chair just a long bar. You have 2 different avant comptoir. One for fish (oyster, shrimps on plancha, scallops ) a second with meat (paté, boudin, ham, charcuterie etc…) Many natural wines.  

    it is open every day 12H at 22H

    L’avant comptoir 3 Carrefour de L Odeon 75006 Paris



     L'avant comptoir poisson


    Cave Fleury (cave à manger.) : situated in rue Saint-Denis (ancient street for prostitue), Morgan Fleury is the daughter of famous champagne producer : Jean-Pierre Fleury. You can to eat plate of charcuterie cheeses and sometimes foie gras and oysters. The choice of wine comes from biodynamic farming. You need to taste for 7 euros by the glass ;the champagne Fleury (brut, brut nature, vintage, rosé etc….). Few tables outside and sometimes concert. Opened 17H at 22H saturday  12H 22 H. Closed sunday and monday. You can buy also wines to take away. Ma Cave Fleury 177 rue Saint Denis

    75002 ParisTel (0033)1 40 28 03 39



    La Garde-Robe (cave à manger.) ; Around charcuterie, cheese, croque monsieur, you can drink natural wine. Very small room. Few tables outside…You can buy also wines  for take away. 

    La garde robe 41 rue de l’arbre sec 75001 Paris  0033 01 49 26 90 60 (you need to reserve)

    Monday saturday 10H 14 H 18H 22H 


    La cave d’ivry : (cave à manger). A very good wine shop from southern Paris. You can eat a little bit  for the lunch and the  thursday evening. Opened 10H  14H  16H 20 H Tuesday saturday….If you want to eat i recommend to go the Thursday , it is until 22H. 



     Frites maison et andouillettes


     Wine bar : 



    Le Bougainville :  Christian and Michèle Morel: The owner is my best friend. it is typical ancient parisian place (friendly with many regular client for the bar). the food comes from directly producer like cheeses and (often organic ) vegetables. Around september, i recommend  you to take the ancient variety of tomatoes . Because they come from the garden of the owner. Homemade french fries (very rare in Paris), homemade paté de foie de volaille, homemade lemon cheese cake; chocolate pie..I love Michèle’s dessert.  It is often full for the lunch, The kitchen is opened until 3 o clock PM. I recommend to come after 13H30. For the dinner, the kitchen is opened at 7H00 PM until 10H00 PM. For the wine list, many natural wine from old vintage like Ganevat, Riesh, La Tour Grise, Michel Augé etc….the selection of natural wine can be understood by everybody 

    Monday 10 H 18H; Tuesday Saturday 10H 22H Le Bougainville 5 rue de la banque 75002 Paris 0033142600519



    Le  Coinstovinot : situated in panorama passage, it is typical natural wine bar. The name of the sommelier  is Guillaume Dupré. The food is home made with terroir ingredient. Very popular place. Close during the week-end. The selection are very spiritual wine, sometimes difficult to understand.




    Le casque d’or : Situated in beautiful street (similar like Provence street). the beef tartare is cuted by hand, the ketchup sauce is homemade (amazing). the plus : terrasse on street, the less : the red wine is served too hot for me. But the waitress can give you cooler with water. The food like milk or cheese come from directly producer. 

    Le Casque d'Or - 15 Rue Saint Blaise 75020 Paris 



     Christian Morel et JC Botte

     Photo de Christian Bourgeois



     La Ferrandaise : this  wine bar is very cute, Cheeses and meets come from Auvergne producer directly . The vegetables are organic, the wines also. I tasted « rognon de veau », «  ris de veau » and « foie de veau » Specialist of meat Oh la la ….






    Le café des philosophes : Xavier Desnamur is the owner. He is fighter for homemade  and artisanal  food. I never tasted…I must to do it… The confit  de canard is cooked longtime in duck  fat  by the chef  Opened every day 9H AM until 1H00 AM



    Jean-Charles Botte May 2016



    More addresses : New APP to drink natural wines